Wishing all of our Summit Teams good luck next week in Florida!


Anyone over the age of 8 will be required to wear a mask when visiting the facility, though athletes may remove them once they are on the floor in their designated spot. Also, when you come for class, please use the front entrance for those coming in, and the side door for those who are leaving. Also, parents should wait in their vehicles unless age or anxiety are an issue. Please let us know if it is so that we can plan and make sure we only have so many people in the waiting area at a time.


Strive to be the best!

About Us


Here at Element Elite, it is our goal to provide an atmosphere where our athletes will learn important values of friendship, team work, physical exercise, and leadership. We encourage our athletes to respect their opponents, coaches, officials, and each other. We expect our athletes to exhibit good sportsmanship and fair play. 

We want to enhance each athlete's self esteem by showing unconditional belief and support for their accomplishments both inside and outside of the gym. We will strive to give solid direction and plenty of inspiration to each athlete through competitive spirit and leadership. 

Lessons our athletes learn at Element Elite will continue on in real life. Hoping our athletes use the values they have learned in the area of team work, commitment, and character to succeed in real life situations. We will teach fundamentals with emphasis on participation, education, safety, and fun! Our mission will be accomplished by continually striving to become better coaches, parents, and fans.

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