FAQ - What you need to know 

How do I pay for Element Elite Classes?
When you sign up, the first class can be paid for by cash or check, and turned in with your enrollment form.  After that, we do require our athletes to be enrolled in automatic payments. 


What should my child wear for class?


Make sure your child is comfortable! He or she can wear a leotard, or sweats and a t-shirt. However, we as that athletes keep on their shirts, no sports bras showing, and no shorts that are super short. If there is a specific attire, warm up, or shoe required for your activity, we will advise you in advance. 


What are your term dates?


Our tumbling classes run year round. Once you agree on a time slot, it is your weekly time slot, unless you choose to move to a different time, or cancel your classes. You can sign up at anytime, and classes are prorate for the first month. If you know you cannot make a class, please let us know in advance, and we are happy to schedule a make up for your child. 

Competitive cheer season typically runs from July - May of the next year. Try outs are typically held in June, check back for more info on those as we get closer to the summer. 

Exhibition cheer runs from September - February of the next year. Check back for more info as we get near the end of summer. 

Are your teachers qualified?

Our staff is made up of people who have a lot of experience, and who are very dedicated to our gym and our families! Please check out our staff page for more info on individual staff.  


Can we still join after the term has started?

Since our tumbling classes run year round, you can join at any time, provided we have openings available. Cheer and Exhibition Cheer athletes spend a lot of time in practice learning routines, and it can be very hard to catch up for people who join late in the season. We typically do not allow sign ups after the teams have been made, but will consider it on a case by case basis only. 


Can parents watch?


Parents are welcome to watch during our tumbling classes, but we ask that they stay to the side, and not try to help coach, as it can be very distracting for our students and staff. 

During our cheer season, we do not allow parents in the gym while we are practicing in the beginning. After they've had some time to adjust, we typically open up our Sunday practices for observation. However, we ask that parents not try to coach their athlete from the side lines, and maintain a positive attitude when in the gym.


We want to maintain a positive environment for all of our athletes, and not place extra stress on our coaches, so a positive attitude is a must when observing! 

If you have any other questions, and don't see the answers here, please feel free to call or email, and we are happy to help!