Semi-Private and Private Tumbling Lessons

We excited to offer Semi-Private Lessons, which are typically made up of 2-3 athletes and one instrutor, and will run for one 30 minute time slot each week. These classes run $55 per month, and are drafted on the 1st of each month. If you are interested in learning more about these classes, please contact our Tumbling Coordinator, Molly, at [email protected], and she will set you up with an assesment where wee can gauge what level your athlete is at, as well as give you a chance to see the facility, and pick out a set class time that will work for you!

Private Lessons are also available for more advanced athletes, or those who wish to work on a specific skill set. They run $25 for a 30 minute lesson, and those spots are available for open registration weekly. Simply click on the registration tab and see what is available this week! New classes for the following week go live every Friday at 6am.

We also offer Specialty Classes, which are more focused, and consist of 12 athletes and one - two instructors per class. Some examples include Level Tumbling, Advanced Fly, Stretch, Tuck, Punch Front, etc. These classes change periodically, and are also open for registration on Friday at 6am for the following week. The cost runs $15 per athlete for a 45 minute lesson.


Helen-Noel Crawley

Anyone over the age of 8 will be required to wear a mask when visiting the facility, though athletes may remove them once they are on the floor in their designated spot. Also, when you come for class, please use the front entrance for those coming in, and the side door for those who are leaving. Also, parents should wait in their vehicles unless age or anxiety are an issue. Please let us know if it is so that we can plan and make sure we only have so many...